About Us

Building Kingdom Properties, Inc., BKP, is comprised of a team of investors who are committed to advancing the Kingdom of God. There is a strong need to educate people to break free of dependence on man’s system which has been progressively deteriorating over the past several decades.

Our foundation is ministry-based and we serve the community in many different capacities.  We also serve as a training center that empowers people through workshops and seminars – equipping them to walk into their destiny and possess those things that God has set aside for them, through a closer relationship with Him.

We pride ourselves in making a mark in the community.  BKP also partners with other outreach organizations.  We continue to successfully reach a segment of the population that experiences life-altering hurts that preclude them from becoming and remaining the strong contributors in our society that they were created to be and have the ability to become.

We are committed to seeing God’s people rise above dependence on socioeconomic systems, come out of poverty and succeed. Our mission is to see that people take their power back, resulting in the rebuilding of stronger communities. Nehemiah 2:18

If you need prayer, please contact us at 240-517-3133.